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Mexican War Letter / Ned Buntline Find

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Manufacturer: handwritten American antique

A wonderful 2 ¼ page letter (7.75 X 9.75 inches) penned by a young Boston patriot to his Aunts, Nanny and Liddy Taber in Gardner, Maine. The letter is dated January 25, 1847 and is filled with the writer’s exuberance for personal involvement in the war with Mexico. The writer is Maine born Augustus B. Taber then living in Boston (see period U.S. Census) where he is a member of the New England Guards, a socially influential militia / Chowder & Marching outfit with a history back to the War of 1812. Taber advises his Aunts in Gardner that he will be leaving Boston in a few weeks, off to war in Mexico, probably never to return again says he. The Governor has received orders from the President for another regiment. Taber advises further that a number of Light Infantry companies have volunteered and about 40 of the New England Guards myself included he proudly announces. We are getting up a splendid company (about 150 men) of mounted riflemen says our young writer, adding, I am first Lieut. A hardy band of mounted troopers they must have been too as the 1st Lt. describes there armament. Our equipment are a short rifle slung to the back, a large and heavy sword, a brace of six barreled pistols, dirk knife, &c &c. He adds that the Government will furnish horses. We have been highly complimented on our drills and it is said by the press and many military men that we can do more execution than a whole regiment 1,000 men on foot says he. Here our writer leaves us a most interesting morsel that is, as far as we can determine, hitherto undocumented. Our Captain is Charles Judson (alias Ned Buntline) of the Navy who has been there ever since he was eleven year old probably now 25 or 30, he is a great writer, I dare say you have read a great many of his writings. Our young Lieutenant is clearly most impressed to serve as second in command under Charles Judson, a.k.a Ned Buntline. One can feel the boyish enthusiasm as Taber writes, Our dress is green jacket and pants and we do intend to have our braveries and praise spread everywhere. I have a large and handsome white horse, he is a magnificent creature he writes, advising further that the animal was brought from Lexington on purpose for me. Taber tells his Aunts I have got my uniform most done and I think I shall look kind of tall when I am dressed up in it. He closes saying Mother is worried almost to death about it adding that Father does not care so much about it though he has been terrible cross. The writer follows the above with a short post script to a friend regarding some material he had wanted Taber to acquire in Boston. He then closes his letter with: Your affectionate boy, Augustus B. Taber / 1st Lieut. of the Invincible
As a matter of historical interest let us quickly review the life of Ned Buntline. Edward Zone Carroll Judson, better known as Ned Buntline was born in 1823, ran away to sea as a boy and, by the time he was fifteen, was a midshipman in the navy. Resigning four years later, he led a life of incredible adventures in the Seminole Wars, and later in the Northwest fur trade. When he was twenty-three, he was tried for murder in Nashville, was lynched by a mob, and was cut down in time to be brought back to life. It was said Buntline could sport more scars, including a bullet hole in his chest, than any man he met and he had a yarn to go with each wound. Most frequently remembered by today’s gun collectors and enthusiasts of the American Wild West, as the father of the special order long barreled Colt Buntline revolver and his acquaintances such as Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill, and a myriad of other characters and places made famous in large part through Buntline’s popular dime novels.
All in excellent condition, in a nicely legible hand with no tears or repairs this Mexican War period letter from an enthusiastic 1st Lieut. of the Invincible is worthy of inclusion in the finest of American historical collections. As with all direct sales, we are pleased to offer a no questions asked three day inspection with refund of the purchase price upon return as purchased! Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques!!

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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